Greenlandicpopularmusic.com is hosted by Andreas Otte: researcher, fan and participant in the Greenlandic popular music scene. The purpose is to make more material available concerning Greenlandic popular music, and gather links to material already available on the internet. Greenlandic musicians are already doing their part to distribute their music on the internet, and there are already other sites dedicated to debating and presenting Greenlandic popular music. However, greenlandicpopularmusic.com/en is to a large degree based on increasing amounts of empirical material gathered through fieldwork. The site also functions as a webzine presenting relevant articles whenever possible. Everyone willing to contribute with articles, hints, or images, are welcome to sent material to andreas.otte@gmail.com.Through financial support from Juullip Nipitittagaa (The Christmas Seal Foundation), some of the material presented in this site is also available in Greenlandic.