Arctic Sounds day 1

Greenland’s most ambitious festival – Arctic Sounds 2016 was kicked off on Thursday April 7th in Sisimiut. Greenland’s second largest city is crawling with artists from the Nordic and Baltic countries these days, and a few of them performed Thursday night at the city’s cultural venue Taseralik and at the local hotel. The festival Arctic Sounds, that feature 32 names performing during a four-day long festival, also include workshops and more informal pop-up concerts.


Inuit feet

Kristian Mikkelsen from Inuit Feet performed a short acoustic concert at the shop – Polarmagasinet.

Thursday night was round up by the popular Greenlandic singer Nina Kreutzmann Jørgensen, who is just about to release her second solo album in which all lyrics are in Danish. A brave project considering the postcolonial relationship between the two nations. Nonetheless Nina and her husband and backing musician Malik performed in front of a packed and attentive audience at the hotel in Sisimiut. In addition to performing her new material, the concert also included a few of her well-known hits in Greenlandic like ‘Silarsuaq Takuiuk’ (‘Have you looked at the world?’), written by Zikaza front-man Siiva Fleeischer, that had everyone singing along.

by Andreas Otte

Nina to

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