Arctic Sounds day 2

Arctic Sounds is not just a great opportunity to experience exciting new music, it is also an exclusive chance to take a trip on dogsled or snowmobile into the incredible arctic landscape that surrounds Sisimiut.



Back in town, Friday offered another day rich on musical experiences whether one’s preferences was towards electronic music or rock. One of the highlights of the evening was the Faroese band Rökkvi that drew a crowd to the hotel’s venue. They were followed by the extraordinary local band Atsinnermiut, that has gained media attention in Greenland since their performance at Arctic Sounds 2015. Though the band members of Atsinnermiut have an average age ten years younger than most other performers at Arctic Sounds, they delivered great musicianship this Friday night and proved to be a high school band run amok. Several of the more experienced musicians and industry representatives that experienced the concert, predicts Atsinnermiut to be one of the most promising upcoming bands in Greenland.

by Andreas Otte



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